KDO 85 T

Product code: KD-00008; KD-00009; KD-00010
The wood waste shredder is designed for disposal of materials and residues of biological origin and woody parts with diameter up to 80 mm, shredding them to small particles, chips, used also for heating, plants backfilling or for plant residues treatment before composting.
Product price: 1 890,-

Technical Specification

Length 1080 mm
Width 1225 mm
Height 1690 mm
Weight 140 kg

Cutting Rotor

Diameter 350 mm
Cutting width 100 mm
Number of chipping blades 2
Max.Ø of disposed wood max. 8,5 cm
Load of machine ca 2-4 m³/hod

Crushing Drum

Diameter 355 mm
Cutting width 180 mm
Number of chipping blades 28
Max.Ø of disposed wood max. 1,5 cm


Pin diameter 1 3/8“ (35 mm)
Engine power 15 - 40 HP
PTO 1000 rpm
Závěs Standard quick-hitch or DRZ-103 for 1N or DRZ-203 for 1


Kardan (optional) with insurance 300N.m clutch for tractors with a power of 30HP