LS 200 T

Product code: LS-3500; LS-3501
This chipper is designed for disposal of wood waste, twigs, bark, branch-wood and other above-ground biomass or for manufacture of chips from aforesaid materials and also for disposal of redundant timber such as sticks, deals, pickets etc. The chipper can dispose all these materials with diameter up to 200 mm or flat boards and plates with thickness up to 60 mm. This chipper is equipped also with NO-Stress anti-blocking device.
Product price: LS-3500 13 292.- eur ja LS-3501 13 957.- eur (+ VAT)

Technical Specification

Length 2555 mm, 2155 ( transport )
Width 1450 mm, 1515 ( transport )
Height 2915 mm, 2225 ( transport )
Weight 980 kg
Load ca. 10-15 m3/hr
Recommended branch max. diameter 200 mm

Cutting Head

Diameter 700 mm
Number of blades 2
Wood chips size 10-20 mm
Turning on freewheel clutch

Feeding Device

Feeding hole size (B×H) 290 x 220 mm
Number of rolls 2


Directional rotation 180° - 7 positions
Feeding profile (B×H) 920 x 800 mm

Tractor Hitch

3-point linkage Category 2
PTO Power 40 – 80 HP
PTO Rotation speed 750 - 1000 rpm
Electric installation 12V

Additional Information

Work safety elements Machine-hour meter, charging indicator lamp, master power switch, safety grip
Accessories Electronic regulation - NOSTRESS
Accessories (options) Cardan shaft L=1000 mm. Trailer coupling 8t.
Not Included Kardan 4542