Leaves exhauster LASKI VD 440/18

Product code: V-242 000
Leaves exhauster.

This leaves exhauster is designed particulary for professional collecting of leaves, short-cat (mowed) grasses, various municipal waste, paper pieces and wooden chips. Its rugged frame provides effecient performance and long service life of the machine. For better resistence of the machine against abrasive materials it is eqipped with replaceable abrasion-resistent linigs Hardox.
Product price: 3 583.- eur (+VAT)

Technical Specification

Length 950 mm (without hose)
Width 795 mm
Height 1470 mm
Weight 152 kg

Circulation Wheel

Diameter 440 mm
Width 90 mm
Numer of paddles 6
Volume of transported air 80 m³/min

Suction Pipe

Diameter 180 mm
Length 6 m

Discharge Pipe (On Request)

Diameter 130 mm
Length 6 m


Model KOHLER CH620
Power output 14,2 kW (19 HP)
Fuel tank capacity 10 l
Start Electric

Not Included

Lifter ZL-200 V 260 300
Harness Ø 180 mm V-242 132
Nozzle with wheels Ø 180 mm V-260 190