Stump cutter LASKI FZ 560 T-R

Product code: F-304 500
Tractor-mounted stump cutter.

This tractor-mounted stump cutter is designed for cutting a stump both with its above- and also under-ground part while being coupled to a three-point hitch. Max. stump diameter is unlimited.

Radio control.
Product price: 10 594.- eur (+VAT

Technical Specification

Length 2200 mm
Width 1400 mm
Height 1900 mm
Weight 526 kg
Power output 1÷2 m³/hr

Cutting Head

Diameter 560 mm
Number of blades 18

Cutting Range

Above ground 700 mm
Under ground 600 mm
Cutting width 1500 mm
Stump diameter no limitation


PTO output 40 HP
PTO speed 540 rpm
HINGE 3-Point Class 1, 2

Not Included

Kardan + coupler 4835