Stump cutter LASKI P 38

Product code: P-38-00-GA
Stump cutter on crawler chassis and sturdy base. Expandable chassis ensures stability of the machine and allows you to work in inaccessible terrain. You can choose between manual or remote control of machine.

It si very compact and versatile, Low centre of gravity, Easy and quick maintenance. Manual control.
Product price: 20 485.- + VAT

Technical Specification

Length 2440 mm
Width 670 - 970 mm
Height 1380 mm
Weight 1042 kg
Power output 1÷2 m³/hr
Fuel consumtion 6÷6,5 l/per hour

Cutting Head

Cutterwheel diameter 510 mm (Laski wheel) / 480 mm (MultiTip wheel)
Number of teeth 18 (Laski wheel) / 6 x MultiTip (24)

Cutting Range

Boom distance up 800 mm
Boom distance down 380 mm
Boom arc distance 1140 mm


Model KOHLER CH 980
Power output 26,1 kW (35 HP)
Fuel Petrol
Fuel tank capacity 17 l
Control Manual
Travel Speed 4 km/h