• Confident selection of landscaping or park maintenance equipment for private- and professional user.



Trenching in soils for installation communications, electric cable, water pipes, etc.

Laski products are exported to 50 countries worldwide and have also gained Estonian customers approval. Laski products conform to all applicable environmental requirements, EU standards, regulations and directives.

Latest news


Baltic tree climbing championship BSTCC 2024

The Baltic States Tree Climbing Championship will take place at Luua Forestry school, Estonia, on the 14th and 15th of June, 2024. We invite tree climbers from countries around the Baltic Sea and beyond to compete in our event. With its historic park, magnificent trees and supporting facilities, it is a particularly suitable venue for the tree climbing competition.

Aiatäht team is also there with LASKI professional equipment at work on site, which also belong to the field of work of arborists: stump cutters, wood chippers, branch breakers, etc.

LASKI in Techagro 2024 7.-11.April

The international agricultural machinery trade fair Techagro & Silva Regina 2024 was once again held in Brno, Czech Republic, on April 7-11. Already traditionally LASKI technology is out there: wood chippers, stump grinders, routers, branch breakers, etc. 

The Aiatäht OÜ team visited its cooperation partners LASKI factory again, the entire selection of equipment was reviewed and further plans and innovation equipment were discussed.

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