Stump cutter F 460 EI

Product code: F-000 064
New handy stump cutter with electric travel gear!

Our stump cutter LASKI F460 is based on our field-proven model LASKI F450. This machine is designed for cutting of above- and under-ground stump parts by cutting in a swinging way. Max. stump diameter to be cut is in fact unlimited (recommended up to 800 mm). Due to its swivel base this machine newly facilitates swinging motions of the head also horizontally. Automatic locks of the upper turnable part on the chassis and easy machine attendance facilitate any handling at work. Overall width of 780 mm makes also limited spaces and narrow sites more accessible. This machine is equipped with an environmentally-friendly engine with fuel injection.

Code: F-000 064
F 460 EI with cut-wheel brake. Code: F-000 067
F 460 EIC with Ogura clutch. Code: F-000 065
F 460 EIHD with air filter for heavy duty operation. Code: F-000 069


Length 2200 mm
Width 780 mm
Height 1150 mm
Weight 230 kg
Power output 0,4 m³/hr


Diameter 470 mm
Number of blades 12


Above ground 300 mm
Under ground 200 mm
Cutting width 900 mm
Stump diameter unlimited (recommended up to 800 mm


Power output 17,2 kW (23 HP)
Fuel tank capacity 16 l
Start - Elektrick
Driving unit - Elektric momotor 12 V - 0,3 kW
Travel speedmax. 4 km/h