Turf cutter 300 RS3040

Product code: 004823
Let us introduce a new turf cutter. Our model 300 will be a useful helper if you need to strip off old turf carpets quite easily, for example before trenching or planting.

NB! We also recommend the lawn mower as an additional device for the router, if you need to do excavation and landscaping work! Before excavation work, remove the grass chamber, and after carrying out the excavation work and filling the excavation site - put the previously removed grass chamber back in its place. In this way, the appearance of the lawn surface is restored quickly and easily without much effort.

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Length 780 mm
Width 420 mm
Height 610 mm
Weight 73 kg


Cutting width 300 mm (or 400 mm)
Cutting depth adjustable up to 35 mm
Speed gears 2 forwards
Power transmission mechanical
Gearbox in oil bath


Model HONDA GX 160K1
Type four-stroke, air-cooled
Power output 5,5 HP ( 4,0 kW )
Fuel unleaded petrol, ON 95
Start Manual, rope starter